The artists working for Blackforest Industries sacrifice Privat Live and Joy for the honor to create -maybe the best - gig posters around the clock.

Check out their awesome logos and art prints or go directly to their official website to see how little they would do without BFI...

the art of Marsen Angler

Marsen Angler is a German illustrator and musician. He works alone and in the safe darkness of his basement where nobody can copy is awesomeness!!

Besides the Blackforest Industries there's not much in his life he can be proud of. If you feel pitty, send him some of your money, that may help him off the ground a little.

Otherwise who knows where he would end up.

He's pretty good looking, though.

Herr Alexander is a German illustrator with a fabulous eye for awesome graphical compositions. Besides being a full-time-gig poster designer he works his own screen print online shop. 

He is super and he is cool and he lives in Turnseestraße which is also great!

His favorite Food is pizza and he works day and night without any sleep. Freiburg's best graphic designer is one awesome Dude!!

the art of Mike Herr


Blackforest Industries

Matthias Cromm

Robert-Kochstraße 26

79106 Freiburg


fon: +49 173 / 36 07 423


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